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Welcome to The Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition!

The Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition (ACFC), a nonprofit membership-based organization, is the state's principal coordinating point for alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles. ACFC is a member of the U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities program. The promotion of clean, renewable, domestic energy sources helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil, improves local air quality, and increases economic development investments in our local communities.

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What factors affect fuel prices?
 Question of the Month:What factors affect fuel prices?

Answer: When gasoline and diesel prices spike, we often want to blame someone for our pain at the pump. The reality is that the oil industry is a complex market. Though there are numerous factors that could ultimately influence the price of fuel, such as weather, government policies, and international relations, there are four factors that have the most significant influence. These factors include the cost of crude oil, refining costs and profits, distribution and marketing costs, and fuel taxes. Alternative fuels, such as natural gas, propane, electricity, and biofuels, can mitigate some price fluctuations attributable to short-term events, like natural disasters, because they diversify the fuel supply; however, some alternative fuel prices are also dependent on similar factors.

Summer FuelsFix Ready to View

The sizzling Summer FuelsFix national ezine is ready to view at alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle articles from around the country. Check out page 24 for article on Tuscaloosa City Schools’ purchase of 63 propane school buses and the systems anticipated annual fuel cost savings!

ACFC Welcomes new member - Spire Natural Gas Fueling Solutions!

There’s a new name in the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) industry, Spire Natural Gas Fueling Solutions – the simply smarter choice for improving your fleet’s bottom line….brought to you by The Laclede Group, Inc.

June Question of the Month----Answered!

Question of the Month: What are the latest updates on hydrogen and fuel cell electric vehicle deployment?

Very Successful Propane Road Show held May 27th

They converted their fleets to propane autogas, and you won’t believe what happened next

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Those interested in cheaper, cleaner, domestic fuels got a chance today (May 27) to learn more about one of the most popular alternatives.

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