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There are many tools available online to help calculate different aspects of natural gas vehicle deployment including petroleum reduction, the return of investment, yearly savings, emissions, etc. The tools range in complexity, with the more basic calculators providing estimated savings and payback and more complex models addressing the cost of ownership and emission reductions.

U.S. Department of Energy's Vehicle Cost Calculator

Calculates total cost of ownership and emissions based on individual driving habits, comparing up to eight vehicle makes and models

Alternative Fuel Life-Cycle Environment and Economic Transportation Tool

Calculates a fleet's petroleum use, cost of ownership, and air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions

eGallon Price Calculator

Compares the cost of driving with electricity to regular gasoline

Plug-in Hybrid Calculator

Estimates personalized fuel use and costs for a plug-in hybrid based driving habits, fuel prices and charging schedule

Side-by-Side Vehicle Comparison

Compare up to four vehicles for fuel economy, emissions, safety, and vehicle specs
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