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EV Readiness Planning Program

Regional Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Planning Program

ACFC, along with Georgia and South Carolina have participated in a DOE-funded Southeast Regional Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Planning Program. The purpose, in concert with the U. S. Department of Energy's EV Scorecard initiative, is to help communities assess their readiness for EV infrastructure.

There is no cost to participate in the EV Scorecard program and, by completing it for your community, you will enjoy a favorable position to be included in potential future RFP's for electric vehicle infrastructure projects.

What is the Scorecard?

  • Tool to help a community assess its EV Readiness

  • Receive feedback on strengths

  • Receive feedback on areas for improvements

  • Record and track progress

There are six areas addressed in the Scorecard

  • 1.

    Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Permitting and Inspection

  • 2.

    Laws, Incentives, and Financing

  • 3.

    Education and Outreach

  • 4.

    Utility Involvement

  • 5.

    Plug-In Vehicle Market Conditions

  • 6.

    Long-Term Vehicle and Infrastructure Planning

There are six areas addressed in the Scorecard

  • Provide an overall score of your community's EV Readiness

  • Track your progress in regards to the number of questions you've answered

  • Receive feedback on areas for improvements

  • Prepare a score for each completed topic area, you will receive a readiness score

    • Needs Improvement
    • On the Right Track
    • Great Job
    • Excellent

  • Allow you to print the Results page to receive examples and resources for areas in which your community needs to improve


Here are our suggested next steps:

  • 1.

    Review the Scorecard process (PowerPoint and review of the website)

  • 2.

    Create your City account on line

  • 3.

    Allow ACFC to work with you!


ACFC will work with you to help you complete the EV Scorecard.
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