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Director's Corner

Thank you for visiting our Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition (ACFC) page and viewing our efforts to expand markets in Alabama for all alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles.

ACFC is fuel neutral and supports all alternative fuels to help reduce our dependence on foreign petroleum; expand the market for alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles; improve air quality in Alabama using cleaner alternative fuels and create economic development (jobs) in Alabama.

On Monday, March 21, 2022, ACFC was re-designated as a U. S. Department of Energy Clean Cities Coalition serving Alabama. The 1.5-hour re-designation webinar was attended by members of the DOE Vehicle Technologies Office, National Renewable Energy Lab, Argonne National Lab, Department of Transportation, National Energy Technology Lab and ACFC Staff and members.  We especially appreciate and acknowledge the presence and comments on the webinar by our members: Cedric Daniels (Alabama Power); Mark Denton (Blossman Gas) and Allen Parish (Alabama Transportation Institute at The University of Alabama).

Since ACFC’s inception in 2002 and initial DOE designation in 2009, ACFC has strived to be the leading source of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle information in our state….and through your continuing support we have done so.

We strive to do four things exceedingly well:

1. Be a clearing house for information about ALL alternative fuels and advanced

technology vehicles

2. Conduct effective public education and outreach

3. Receive and provide grants for alternative fuel infrastructure projects

4. Work on state and national alternative fuel vehicle policy

The following are some of the projects in which we are involved that support these four goals:

·         ACFC has continued to co-lead monthly virtual meetings of the Southeast Corridor Council (SCC) to develop signage plans for previously approved FHWA Signage Ready CNG, Propane, and Electric Corridors.  Working with coalitions and state Departments of Transportation the Council continues to address signage for non-petroleum fueling stations - a critically important need on highways to help drivers identify alternative fueling station locations. 

·         ACFC, as the lead organization in Alabama, for a three-year Department of Energy DRIVE Electric USA grant that is fully developing a 26 state-based Drive Electric grassroots program to engage individuals, utilities, legislators, dealerships, and others towards removing adoption barriers and accelerating plug-in electric vehicle use across our states.  Alabama’s program is Drive Electric Alabama ( with chapters in Birmingham, Huntsville and soon in Montgomery and Mobile.

·         ACFC is also participating in a DOE grant titled Helping America’s Rural Counties Transition to Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles.  Partnering with seven Clean Cities Coalitions to provide outreach, education, and technical assistance to local county government decision makers to transition their fleets, and fleets in their communities, to cleaner alternative fuels and vehicles.

·         In 2022 ACFC is engaged with multiple Clean Cities coalitions across the country on a DOE grant entitled “Equitable Mobility Powering Opportunities for Workplace Electrification Readiness” (EMPOWER) Project. The initiative is designed to expand workplace charging.

·         Under contract to the state of Alabama ACFC helped facilitate the ADECA VW RFP; The Alabama Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan; and has recently been chosen to be the State’s Electric Vehicle consultant.

·         At the federal level ACFC continues to support Transportation Energy Partners (TEP) who achieved increased funding for the Clean Cities and EPA Clean Diesel programs and an extension of AF, AFV, and AF infrastructure related tax incentives.

2022 is another exceedingly busy year. We anticipate multiple grant opportunities flowing from the IIJA and other Federal entities for Propane, CNG and Electric infrastructure projects. Plus, continuation of the EPA Clean School Bus program, among others.

We want to work with all our stakeholders and members on timely projects/proposals that will provide an opportunity to further grow the markets for alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles in Alabama. Do you have a project in mind?

Thank you again for your continued interest and partnership in this growth. We hope to build upon our successes with your help and involvement.


Mark Bentley, Executive Director


Help guide the decisions that will impact economic development and air quality in Alabama.


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