ACFC Welcomes New Members: Melton Fueling & Phoenix Energy

January 12, 2015

Melton Fueling is a CNG conversion company that converts a variety of fleet vehicles from passenger cars up to medium duty trucks and vans including Ford, GM and Isuzu. The company uses wide variety of EPA certified and QVM (qualified vehicle modifier) systems and adheres to NFPA 52 guidlines. Melton Fueling is one of the premier conversion facilities in the Southeast doing conversion for some fo the largest utilities in the region. A wide variety of bi-fuel and dedicated conversions and various tank packages are offered to fit your budget, space and fueling needs. Visit our website at


Phoenix Energy is a full-service sales and service company specializing in the equipment sales of Compressed Natural Gas compressors, dryers, storage vessels, dispensers, control panels and refueling station components as well as installing EPA certified Natural Gas systems on vehicles. For all your CNG needs, visit their website at

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