Director's Corner

Mark Bentley

Back in the fourth quarter of 2015, we predicted that gas and diesel prices would once again slowly climb and they are! Maybe not as fast as in prior years, but prices are edging up day by day. Yesterday, oil closed at over $50 a barrel – a long way from the lows of 2015! 

Our continuing advice is to “bank” current gas/diesel savings and invest in moving toward an alternative fuel that meets your business needs. You will then be ready when – as has always happened in the past – gas/diesel prices accelerate.

Interested in finding out if one of the domestically produced, cleaner alternative fuels will fit your needs? ACFC can help in your decision-making process. We offer a straightforward and unbiased assessment of your current fleet using the most current Department of Energy/Argonne analysis tools and offer recommendations for your consideration. Just ask us!

Now to the good news! Now that we have completed our Transportation Technology Deployment Report (2015 Clean Cities Annual Report) for the U.S. Department of Energy, we can proudly say that Alabama has replaced more than 20 million gallons of foreign petroleum with cleaner burning alternative fuels and Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) reductions through the use of ride sharing, van pooling, telecommuting, bike sharing and similar programs. 

I hope you will agree that the trend is positive in our state! In early 2016 we gathered information from more than 70 users of alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles in Alabama. No proprietary information is ever divulged as all data is aggregated by DOE before publication of its annual recap (available later this year). We truly appreciate everyone who contributed to our state’s success.

In addition to the reduction in actual gas/diesel, note that the use of alternative fuels contributed significantly to the health of our state’s population. The chart above indicates the resultant Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GGEs) reduced. Over 80,000 TONS of GHG reduced! We can breathe easier!

The first half of 2016 has been a whirlwind: Meeting with all our elected officials’ offices in Washington as part of our annual Energy Independence Summit; attending the Green Truck/Work Truck conference in Indianapolis; an illuminating trip to China to visit electric transit bus manufacturing facilities; the Propane Road Show event in Decatur; an outstanding Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) conference in Long Beach; our seventh League of Municipalities annual meeting participation in Huntsville; and recently a great Southeast Regional Clean Cities meeting in Jacksonville, Fla., to name just a few events. 

The beat goes on for the second half of the year. Check our website frequently to see what Alabama events are coming up. We solicit your assistance, as always, to help us reduce our dependence on foreign petroleum. We are making progress. With your continued support we can accomplish a great deal in our state. 

I would truly appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on how we can work together now and in the future.

Best regards,

Mark Bentley
Executive Director